Autovent 3000

A patented talent with guaranteed flavour

The Autovent 3000 ensures optimal cooking processes at smallest weight loss - without any fans at all! Instead, the system's patented nozzles use the internal dynamics of low-pressure steam, converting it into air speed and heating energy. For you, this means: Shorter cooking times and weight loss reduced by up to 15%!

Advantages at a glance:

  • -High turbulences due to patented AUTOVENT nozzles and air velocities of up to 200 m/s.
  • -Short cooking times and up to 15% less weight loss.
  • -Temperature difference across the system no more than 1 °C.
  • -Uniform products at highest quality.
  • -Very low maintenance and operation costs from dispensing with fans.
  • -Long service lives from stainless steel construction and steam-tight welding all-round.

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Contactar al vendedor